SelCAll CCIR Decoder

CCIR decoder CI-100A

CI-100A is high performance SelCall CCIR-decoder / encoder for EEA, EIA, ZVEI1, ZVEI2, ZVEI3,DZVEI, ZVEI GB, ZVEI F, ZVEI DP, EIA, CCIR, CCIR1, CCIRI, EEA, CCIT, EURO, VDEW, AUTO-A, PZVEI, NATEL or Motorola and other on request with time stamp and RS 232. It decode all in band tones 16 tones/codes including A, B, C, D E(R), F tones. It is based on the CML audio processor. Incomming audio signal is filtred in a digital filter before measure the frequency of the input signal in an audio processor. A telegram length can be from 5 and up to 16 chars long. Decoded telegram is displayed on the LCD with time stamp (year, month, day and time) it is also sent on the RS 232 serial interface including time stamp data.
 OEM component also available w/o a box, see below!




Key Features:

New! CI-100 OEM for embedded products. A small PCB board size of 105 x 65mm.

New ! CI-100 OEM CCIR decoder (OEM product)
The "CI-100 OEM" an OEM component. 
Small size, easy to use and as the same high performance tone decoder, audio processor as the CI-100A.  The LCD display is a piggy back and decoder can operate w/o the LCD. Remote option for all functions. True RS232 or CMOS levels.
Easy to connect:. DC power to pin "OV" and "+", Audio input on pin "G" (ground) and "A". RS232 out on the female DSUB pin 2  and 5 (GND), no hand shake. 3 switches used to set the time stamp clock and to send a test message on RS232. 





Specification CI-100A, CI-100 OEM :

Display format and RS232 interface format:
First 19 positons are time stamp data. Format: TY yymmdd then the CCIR-telegram can be 5 to 16 chars long. Ending with <CR> (Carriage Return) as below format:
TY yymmdd_hh:mm:ss_decode dataCR
TY 051027 14.46:55 12345678D123<CR>
TY 051027 14.48:07 23455<CR>

To easy test the RS232 communication between the CI-100A and a computer there is test switch on the frontpanel.When pressed a test telegram is sent. The CCIR decoder can easy connect to any PC-computer without any extra hardware or software. For all Windows use simple use the internal terminal (hyperterminal) can be used to logg CCIR telegram to the hardisk or to the VGA screen. 



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